Why Pokemon Go is The Best Game Yet

Why Pokemon Go is The Best Game Yet

Why Pokemon GO Is The Best Game Ever

At least 25 million individuals have been hooked to playing Pokémon Go here in the United States since it was launched at the beginning of July. The numbers are soaring at unprecedented rate as the Pokémon Go app has become the number one most downloaded app on Android Play Store and iOS Apple Store.

The Smartphone game developed by Nintendo has been available for only a few weeks, but it has eclipsed Twitter in the number of daily users, and Pokémon Go players spend more time playing the game than users do on Facebook. Undoubtedly, you’ve heard about this game – unless you have spent the last few weeks under a rock – but what is Pokémon Go really, and why is everybody gripped by it?

The word Pokémon is a combination of two words or portmanteau of “pocket” and “monsters” and the Pokémon series is a hugely popular franchise with more than twenty years of history. Many people would recall playing the first Pokémon games through the Nintendo Game Boy from the late 1990s. Then there was more happiness playing using handheld game consoles. Luckily, playing and enjoying Pokémon Go doesn’t require you to have any experience with the Pokémon games of old.

How to play Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is free to play. However, there’s the option to purchase PokeCoins using real money. 100 PokeCoins goes for $0.99 while you can get 14,500 PokeCoins for as much as $99.99. The in-game currency or PokeCoins are used to buy in-game items such as Pokeballs that help you catch Pokémon. Of course you can get Pokeballs without using any real money, which means that you pay using your time as well as energy to play the game, and that’s where all the fun is!

The game uses your smartphone’s GPS to determine your real-world location and pop up the attractive Pokémon in your supposed environment using what is known as augmented reality. You, in digital format, you take the role of a “trainer” (and you can team up with other players as you go up through the various levels of the game), where your job is to catch Pokémon whenever they appear where you are. Your phone’s GPS brings up a map on your screen and various Pokémon species in your location pop up. When you reach a place where there’s a Pokémon, you just tap on the critter shown on the map and your phone’s camera helps render it in your actual environment.

Catch em all

Pokemon GO Fun

Your job then is to catch the Pokémon you’ve found by aiming a Pokeball at it. Remember you have a limited number of Pokeballs to throw at the Pokémon, yet some of the creatures cannot be captured easily because they’re bouncing all over the couch, or dancing on the supermarket shelf, or buzzing in the open. You’re going to catch as well as train as many Pokemon as you can as you seek to be the best traineraround. Pikachu is arguably the most popular Pokemon. Others include Zubats, Oddish, Charmander, Drowzee and many more.

Pokemon gyms

When you’ve become sufficiently experienced as a trainer, you’ll then head to the nearest Pokémon gym where you can battle your Pokémon against the Pokémon of other trainers, and these are real people by the way.

Pokemon pokestops

Apart from Pokémon gyms, you can as well meet up with other Pokémon Go players in Pokestops. These are predetermined landmarks or buildings or businesses where can get items such as Pokeballs and interact with other players. Pokeballs and other items are meant to enhance your prowess’ as a trainer and you can find numerous other Pokémon Go enthusiasts gathered in a Pokestop or gym location. Arguably, Pokémon Go is the best thing to have ever happened in the gaming world because it gives players endless things to do and accomplish, plus its social aspect is just the bomb, not literally! Regular group chats really light up when talking about the Pokémon gyms and Pokestops nearby these days.

Why is everybody obsessed with Pokémon Go?

Pokemon Go Obsession

It’s all over in the news

Reading the news lately you cannot miss a story about Pokémon Go, either it’s a player who left his job to play the game full-time, or it’s a crowd of people gathered around a trash bin eyes glued to their phones capturing Pokémon, or is a group of people trooping into a police station to get Pokeballs because the police station is a Pokestop.

Take pictures

Scrolling through the various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you’ll find apparently normal images of for example a grocery store or somebody’s sofa, and a Pokémon. These images are notably one of the reasons why Pokémon Go has blown up rapidly. The game enables you to take photos of Pokémon in all kinds of weird locations as well as share them on social media.

Revel in absolute fun

Pokémon Go is really fun, and this explains why nearly everybody is talking about it. The game is definitely well-received by Pokémon fans who played the original series as far back as in the 1990s, lovers of modern games, as well as everybody else who is catching up with this marvel of a game. For two decades, the Pokémon brand has enjoyed massive success and popularity. With that sort of recognition, plus the unique idea of pursuing critters in our backyards and across the cities, has caught hold.

Be adventurous

Pokemon Go Adventure

The game gives you a sense of adventure to go out in the world hunting down the monsters, and its photo system has worked to give it a quick viral spread. Pokémon Go is inherently social and lively. It’s a wonderful way to interact with the rest of the people and the environment around you, forging new friendships and going to new places. You can play it virtually anywhere, when chilling out with friends and you can play it for two hours as you walk your dog out in the woods, making it a fun-filled exploration where you get yourself and your dog some light exercise as you play the best game in the planet so far.Plenty of people have gone out there for fun and excitement and come back with amazing stories to tell. In fact, the game has become so incredibly popular that even American presidential hopeful Hillary has started using the strategy to attract prospective voters across the board.This has set off an even more frenzied trend of downloads.

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